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Charlotte Ballet: Nutcracker 
Costume Design: Holly Hynes

Belk Theater

Charlotte, NC 

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography: Jean- Pierre Bonnefoux

Set Design: Alain Vaes

Lighting Design: Mary Louise Geiger

Assistant Costume Design: Ricky Lurie

This was Ricky's second production of The Nutcracker with Holly Hynes. As the assistant costume designer, Ricky bid and budgeted the entire ballet. Additional, Ricky was the New York swatcher and main shopper. He was in charge of weekly petty cash and receipts with the Charlotte Costume Shop. He also coordinated with the Charlotte Costume Shop and the 14 other shops from 8 different states for fittings and delivery of the over 225 costumes and hats.

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