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Dana H./ Is This A Room
Costume Designer: Janice Pytel & Enver Chakartash

Dana H.

Lyceum Theater

Broadway NYC

By: Lucas Hnath

Director: Les Waters

Set Design: Andrew Boyce

Lighting Design & Supertitles: Paul Toben

Associate Costume Design: Ricky Lurie

Is This A Room

Lyceum Theater

Broadway NYC

Conceiver: Tina Satter

Director: Tina Satter

Set Design: Parker Lutz

Lighting Design: Thomas Dunn

Associate Costume Design: Ricky Lurie

Ricky was brought on to the project by costume designer Janice Pytel (Dana H.) to be the associate designer on the transfer of two very successful shows from the Vineyard Theater to Broadway. Ricky worked with both Janice and Enver (Is This A Room), to ensure that the detailed modern dress costumes translated well to a Broadway house, and help rethink replacement costumes for new cast members. Ricky is very grateful to have worked on two critically acclaimed shows. 

Deirdre O'Connell Tony Winner for Best Actress in a Play- Dana H.

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