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Ain't No Mo
Costume Design: Emilio Sosa

The Belasco Theater


Director: Stevie Walker- Webb

Set Design: Scott Pask

Lighting Design: Adam Honoré

Associate Costume Design: Ricky Lurie

Ain't No Mo is a blistering dark comedy from Jordan E. Cooper that dares to examine what if the U.S government tried to end racism by offering Black Americans one-way plane tickets to Africa.

Told in 5 very different situations of modern Black America, Emilio had to quickly establish 30 characters very quickly. Ain't No Mo is a blending of modern shopping and built garments to seamlessly tell the stories through clothing. 

The most challenging character to costume is Peaches, played by Cooper, who is the airline attendant and symbol of all Black people choosing between staying and leaving. At the end of the play her whole character is ripped of Jordan's body to show what is being striped in that moment of choice.

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