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Colorado Ballet: Nutcracker 
Costume Design: Holly Hynes

Ellie Caulkins Opera House

Denver CO

Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

Based on Choreography: Martin Fredmann 

Additional Choreography: Sandra Brown 

Scenic Design: Thomas Boyd 

Lighting Design: Todd Elmer

Assistant Costume Designer: Ricky Lurie 

This was Ricky's third production of The Nutcracker with Holly Hynes, but this one was a bit different than the previous two.  This Nutcracker was built entirely during the Covid-19 global  pandemic.


Holly, Ricky, and 16 different shops/vendors from around the country made a new "how to build a Nutcracker" playbook as they went along. Truncated speed shopping, Zoom fittings, stand in fit models, shipping samples off to Holly, and building to generic sizes to be fit later were just a few new techniques used to ensure everyone's health and safety while trying to complete this project on time and in budget.


 In the end this Nutcracker was as beautiful as her others and full of special meaning for the team!

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