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The Fall

The Berlin Project at Flamboyan 

by Anita Kirpalani & Saviana Stanescu

Director: Simon Hanukai

Scenic Design: Josh Lacovelli

Lighting Design: David  Bengali

Puppet Designer: Kathleen Doyle

Costume Design: Ricky Lurie

The Fall follows Doru Popescu, a young rebel with a noble cause: a world without walls. When the Berlin Wall comes down, and the mother of his newborn daughter dies, Doru is launched into a world of fatherhood, responsibility and the promise of freedom. Surviving the bloody regime of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and the fall of the Iron Curtain, Doru becomes a journalist, open-heartedly voicing his poetic ideals. Through word, movement and video, the piece weaves together Doru's story, his struggle to connect with his daughter, and his plight against the "wall-builders" - a pair of fantastical administrators on a mission to slice up the world by building a multitude of new walls.

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