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Hershey Park-
Sweet Notes, Sweet Greets Hosts, Coaster Crew

Hershey 1991
A Special Visit- 1991

Working with RWS Entertainment Group to create three new types of costumes for Hershey Park was another full circle moment in my career as I have a long history of visiting!

The Sweet Notes is the walk around brass band in the park.  They are known for being fun and full of color. We took the park's rainbow style logo  and created custom fabric that we used to make park chic sportswear. Each member had their own color pulled from the logo as their accent and contrast.  

The Sweet Greets Hosts are attendants to the five walk around candies: Hershey Bar, Hershey Kiss, Twizzlers, Reeses, and Jolly Rancher. We really tried to create costumes that were an extension to the characters' personalities,  while being able to look great on a range of performers. 

The Coaster Crew was a new walk around troupe of entertainers that played off of stock Commedia dell'arte characters and five of the rollercoasters in the park: Captain Comet, Laff Trakk, Wild Cat, Wild Mouse, and Sky Rush! Bold colors and fun looks was what the client wanted and I think we delivered!

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