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Our Favorite Son

American Dance Machine for the 21st Century

Will Rogers Follies

Music by: Cy Coleman

Producing Artistic Director: Nikki Feirt Atkins

Director: Joshua Bergasse

Original Choreography: Tommy Tune

Choreography Reconstructed : Patti D'Beck

Lighting Design: Ken Billington

Original Costume Design: Willa Kim

Updated Costume Design: Ricky Lurie

Working with ADM21 is always such a thrill because they reconstruct classic American musical choreography in a new way for a modern eye. For this video, Our Favorite Son from Will Rogers Follies, Joshua Bergasse and Nikki Feirt Atkins assembled 10 original cast members and 10 current ADM21 dancers/ Rockettes. For the part of Will the tables were flipped and Cady Huffman, who played Ziegfiield's Favorite in the original company, takes the center chair! My goal was to honor the original work by Willa Kim while making it fresh and new for this striped down version. 

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