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The Best Things In Life Happen While You're Dancing 

American Dance Machine for the 21st Century

Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Music & Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Producing Artistic Director: Nikki Feirt Atkins

Film Directed By: Pierre Marais

Original Choreography: Randy Skinner

Choreography Reconstructed : Mary Giattino

Costume Design/ Consultant: Ricky Lurie

Every project with ADM21 is exciting and different. Making something look simple and effortless can sometimes be the hardest task a designer is given. My job for this video was to make Melanie and Tony look amazing while blending in with their only in New York surroundings: The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center! Randy Skinner had directed this piece before so I was honoring the what came before me and updating it for this new scenario.

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